Fhim Books Bundle Deal (power pack)

If you are 'sick and tired of being sick of tired' this power pack will show you the 12 step action plan to help you get you going again and on track. It's the ultimate transformation for your life.


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Enjoy the benefit of all three! Here is what You will get in this POwer Pack!

1. F*ckHim! Don't Be Bitter, Get better & Make Money (revised & updated version)

  • It's time to heal your heart: Learn how to move on after dealing with Mr.Wrong
  • This book is a lifesaver and an arsenal every woman must have that will teach you:
  • how to heal from your heartbreak
  • how to let go of him once and for all
  • how to move on after dealing with Mr. Wrong,
  • how to deal with the pain and find peace of mind
  • how to get your life back on track after the breakup
  • how to find your purpose & live life to the fullest
  • how to become financially independent. 

2. F*ck Him! Get Ya' Mind Right Journal & Planner

  • A Have you been asking yourself what's next? 
  • Learn how to make your next move your best move.
  • A perfect complement to the F*cKHim! book that helps you apply what you learned in the book with
  • thought-provoking worksheets and
  • a 12-week planner that give's you the strategy to help you get unstuck and on the right path in your life. 

3. F*ck Him2! Girl He's Playing You
Have you ever wondered if a man is playing you? After healing your heart and getting your life back on track, dating can seem like a scary task. However, if you want to find love again, you have to get back into the dating game. The problem is you don't know which men are playing games and which men have good intentions for you.  Sometimes in order to learn the game, you have to get played. 

So in the 2nd installment of the F*ck Him Series "F*ck Him 2! Girl He’s Playing You” the follow-up to vol. 1, you will discover what a man's true intentions are with you.

You will get a breakdown of...

  • all of the players in the dating game,
  • all of the red flags to look out for and
  • how to avoid getting played. 

Then you will learn...

  • how to gain the courage to open yourself up to love again,
  • how to toughen up & stand your ground so you can get what you want out of a relationship. 
  • And lastly you will explore how to change the game, so the ball is always in your court. 

Everyone deserves true love, it can be hard to find, if you are too scared to put yourself in the position to get it. This book will serve as your guidebook to his playbook. 

Here's What others have to Say:

Your books have helped me. I've been receiving Gods blessings. My guy recently got a big wake up call. I believe that this was God’s way of showing him he wasn't living right with himself and the way he treated others showing him how fast he can lose the people he says he love. So far, he has been doing good with a change in the way he treats me but I still follow your books ideas and stay headstrong to myself, and stay very independent because I never know what he could do. Your books gave me the chance to forgive and move forward from the heartache i felt way in the past when we was younger and everything. I can't wait to read another one of your books! Thank you so much! - Falyn

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